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Oslo is the capital of the Kingdom of Norway. The city has a blue-green image, as it is surrounded by the blue Oslo fjord and green hills and forests. Oslo is a compact city with short distances. It is easy to move around by public transportation and you can access rentable city bikes all over the city centre. The Oslo region is known for its focus on environmental issues, energy efficiency, and sustainable city planning through innovative technologies and new infrastructures. In 2003 Oslo received The European Sustainable City Award and in 2007 Reader's Digest ranked Oslo as number two on a list of the world's greenest, most liveable cities.

The geographical area of Oslo is 450 km2, and only 1/3 of the area is developed. The city centre is surrounded by woods, lakes and 40 islands in the fjord. Size of population is approximately 510,000 inhabitants. 360,000 people have Oslo as their place of work and the city of Oslo employs approximately 43,000 people.