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Softeco Sismat

Softeco Sismat S.p.A. is a mid size enterprise (SME) and a leading innovation company in the ICT and engineering market. Founded in 1979, Softeco operates in Italy as well as Europe as a supplier of innovative software solutions for qualified large industrial partners and Public Administrations, or as a main contractor for the delivery of turnkey complete systems. With the headquarter located in Genoa and branch offices in Milan and Naples Softeco has currently (2010) a staff of about 240, including system, project and research engineers, software analysts and developers, service engineers.

The company’s marketplace covers several industrial and business sectors, including: transport and traffic networks management, infomobility, e-Business and e-Work/m-Work solutions in different industrial sectors (e.g. shipping, automotive etc.) and service markets (e.g. infomobility, transport, travel and tourism, logistics, health care etc.), mission-critical solutions for industry, public and private organisations (e.g. energy production and distribution networks, environmental monitoring and protection, finance, public administration).

In the transport innovation sector, Softeco offer advanced ITS solutions to support implementation and operations of sustainable transport and mobility applications, including traffic and infomobility services; public transport service planning, operation and management; freight and e-logistics schemes.

Role in In-Time:

Softeco is leader of Project Work Package 3 (System Specification and Adaptation) and part of the Technical Coordination Team as coordinator of the “Technical Aspects and Validation Group” area.


Contact Person: Marco Boero