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Intelligent and efficient travel management for European cities

List of In-Time Public Deliverables

D1.1.1 In-Time project presentation .pdf (882.7 KB)
D2.1.1 Overview  of consolidation of previous projects' results used and exploited in In-Time .pdf (436 KB)
D2.1.2 Report of currently operated traffic management and travelling information systems in each pilot city .pdf (21.4 MB)
D2.2.1 Report about the general stakeholder aspirations and expectations .pdf (1.1 MB)
D2.2.2 Documentation about the demonstration websites and its common functions also specific functions .pdf (337.4 KB)
D2.3.1 Report on In-Time interfaces and protocols .pdf (4 MB)
D2.4.1 Report on user groups, their expectations and service definition shortlist .pdf (1.8 MB)
D2.5.1 test and evaluation plan: User groups, service guidelines, methodology and inidcators for traffic impact assessment .pdf (3.8 MB)
D3.1.1 High level ITS reference architecture .pdf (4.9 MB)
D3.1.2 UML schemes finilised .pdf (1.1 MB)
D3.2.1 Specification document of In-Time server, interfaces and protocols .pdf (5.2 MB)
D3.3.1 In-Time validation plan and system installation monitoring, pre-test .pdf (4.6 MB)
D3.4.1 Confirmation of In-Time system availability for the start of the demonstration phase .pdf (1.5 MB)
D4.1.1 In-Time demonstration plan and monitoring strategy .pdf (7.3 MB)
D4.1.2 Demonstration mid-term report .pdf (7.4 MB)
D4.1.3 In-Time demonstration final report  
D5.1.1 Report on In-Time pilot testing  
D5.2.1 Assessment of environmental impacts of RTTI  
D5.3.1 Recommendations to traffic management stakeholders and contributions to standards  
D6.1.3 Project flyer .pdf (2.3 MB)




In-Time factsheet.pdf (354.9 KB)