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Date: 25 January 2011                                     In-Time Press release

Venue: Vienna, Austria

The In-Time launch event took place on 25 January 2010 in Vienna, Austria. High level participants from industry and service providers and city and regional representatives had the opportunity to critically examine the In-Time project’s achievements and aims, the technical solutions to be deployed and the progress and models of the six in-Time Pilot cities - Brno, Bucharest, Florence, Munich, Oslo and Vienna.

The event opened with an introduction from Bernhard Engleder (City of Vienna) and a project overview from Martin Boehm (Project Coordinator, AustriaTech). Participants then had the opportunity to visit the In-Time demonstration area, where In-Time project partners were on hand to explain and answer questions on their contributions to the project.

Bernhard Engleder (City of Vienna) underlined that “…cooperation with the In-Time project is very important for a city like Vienna enabling us to offer high level traffic information service in the Vienna Region to all…”

Martin Boehm (Project Coordinator, AustriaTech) said, “The extensive developments of the last 1.5 years have borne fruit for all In-Time project partners. We can now start the important pilot phase that will contribute to the successful realisation and continuation of In-Time services.”

The In-Time project was then described and discussed in three sessions. The first session focussed on the In-Time concept and its expected impacts. The second delved into the technical architecture and end user solutions from the three In-Time Traveller Information Service Providers. Finally, the third session examined how interested public authorities and companies can become involved in the In-Time project.

Bernhard Engleder (City of Vienna) noted that “The next challenge will be to connect the regions throughout Europe and to set common standards for data quality, services and usability. In this context, In-Time is a very important next step and can be called an outstanding best practice example for innovative traffic services and transnational cooperation.”

Finally, Martin Boehm Project Coordinator, AustriaTech) wrapped up proceedings, “In-Time will give users the unique possibility to optimise their travel routes in cities and to change their travel habits in a more environmental friendly way without any effort. This service could not only enhance the user´s comfort in travelling, but also help to achieve goals like CO2 reduction or the better use of capacity in transport in urban areas.”

View the agenda here.pdf (299.1 KB)


For more information or photos of the event, please contact Henry Wasung