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Intelligent and efficient travel management for European cities



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In-Time - Delivering intelligent and efficient travel management for European cities

Increased traffic in Europe’s cities has resulted in chronic congestion, causing delays and pollution. As a result of this phenomenon, every year, nearly 100 billion Euros are lost, which represent 1% of the EU's GDP. 

According to European figures, urban traffic is responsible for 40% of CO2 emissions and 70% of emissions of other pollutants arising from road transport.

There is currently a real need for cities to come up with strategies to improve urban mobility and reduce energy consumption caused by transport.

The In-Time project aims to address these challenges. The In-Time pilot project focuses on the delivery of multimodal Real Time Traffic and Travel Information services (RTTI) for drivers and travellers in European cities. In-Time is piloting and validating an innovative pan-European approach to RTTI services, using real travellers in real cities - .

Pilots are currently running in 6 European cities: Vienna, Brno, Bucharest, Oslo, Munich, and Florence.

The In-Time project is co-financed by the European Commission Competitiveness and Innovation (CIP) programme.





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In-Time seeks to establish strong cooperation with other interested parties during the whole project lifetime.  If you are interested in joining the In-Time forum to follow the operations and results of these pilots, please subscribe to the forum:

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